Canna Nano CBD Cartridge Dabs Old World CBD

Canna Nano CBD Cartridge Dabs


CannaNano CBD Dabs delivers ultra premium cbd in a vape cartridge. Organic, Full Spectrum CBD Oil in a Vape Cartridge for the purest enjoyment. No contaminants or pesticides are used with our 100% Natural Oil, featuring CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC – the Full Spectrum Terpene Profile in a cartridge. Food grade, non GMO, kosher, STRAIN SPECIFIC terpenes. FREE OF METALS & TOXINS. 100% NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. With CannaNanoCBD you get more! 1000ml of MCT Oil features 250mg of full spectrum CBD.

250 MG OF FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL, ORGANIC MCT OIL Natural Plant Terpenes, & Cannabinoids: CBC, CBG, & CBN. We set out to make the best cbd products available. After winning multiple awards, and revolutionizing the industry, we’ve become a household name in cbd. NO ADDITIVES. STORE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Canna Nano CBD Cartridge Dabs Old World CBD

Additional Info

CBD Vape Serving Size

There no set serving size for this supplement, as it may vary by person. We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you. Each pre-filled vape cartridge will render about 300-500 puffs. Throw the atomizer away when done (usually, they don’t function well when refilled more than 1-2 times).

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