Donna Smith

My testimonial to the Old World Hemp Oil:

"So my story goes, I have a 9 year old Boxer who has been showing signs of arthritis and joint pain to include stiffness in his knees.  He will no longer jump on the bed and you can see by the look on his face, he's in pain.  The trip to the veterinarian confirmed the joint issues and the treatment was a NSID type drug which have side effects with prolonged use.  Periodic blood work is part of the follow-up. 

I was given the Old World CBD to try by my son.  I was a bit skeptical as my veterinarian did not use or promote alternative medicine.  My son who is in the pharmaceutical industry confirmed I should try it as the benefits were substantial.  This oil is made with olive oil and not coconut oil and is all natural.  I  was told I would see the positive results such as pain and inflammation relief, an improved mood and immune system as well as less anxiety issues.   

The dosage goes by your animals weight.  I put the oil on a teaspoon and give it to him after he has finished his food for better concentration of the dose.  He has been taking the hemp oil for almost two weeks.  Within this short time period, there have been noticeable, positive results.   He doesn't have that look of pain on his face, he is more playful, his nose is now wet and not dry and cracked.   He gets up quicker.   These results are only after a short time.  I don't think we can reverse time but he is exhibiting a more youthful behavior.    I will continue to incorporate this supplement in his daily diet.  I can't thank you enough for caring and creating a product that has positive benefits with no side effects.  Our pets can't talk to us but they show us their improvement by their actions. 

Thank you so much for making this available!!" 

Lisa Reid


Medically managing a senior dog is never easy. Our Bella, a 12-year-old Boxer mix, suffers from arthritis, neurological deficits affecting her hind extremities, and incontinence. We’ve long prioritized the use of supplements that can bring our dogs comfort and improve symptoms with minimal side effects and without dangerous interactions with prescribed medications. We’ve certainly found that with Old World’s cannabidiol (CBD) for dogs and cats. Adding CBD to her arthritis and myelopathy treatment regimen has made a big difference for Bella – she walks with less pain, improved dexterity, and a bit more pep in her step. While we’ll give almost anything a try once, Old World’s CBD had us coming back for more. We’re very glad to have this product to maximize Bella’s quality of life in her golden years.      

Peter Barcia


My dog was kind of high-strung when we had visitors, to say the least. She was the sweetest, most mellow mush when we were home alone, but if someone came over, she would get so excited it was impossible to keep her from jumping. She accidentally would scratch children, even knock over full-sized adults. This was never out of aggression, just anxious excitement that she could not contain. We tried Old World Animal Hemp Oil and it has helped to calm her down when nothing else worked. I am not afraid to have people over anymore! Old World CBD for pets helped my dog calm down without seeming drugged or sleepy. Thank you, Old World CBD!

Jennifer K